Print On Demand - Dropshipping

If you’re thinking about starting your own clothing line, fashion brand or t-shirt business then you have definitely come to the right place.

Our fulfilment services aren’t limited to newcomers to the industry. If you’re already established, or just looking for a drop shipper to branch into the UK or European market, then Lofty’s high quality and fast turnaround will help you push your brand to the next level.

We’re very open about our pricing; the costs listed in our Garment Decorator include the product & print. Go through to add your shipping costs and you’ll have your total cost. You’ll never pay more than this.

Lofty Creations’ years of experience in the t-shirt printing industry will transform your ideas into a physical product. We’re always following new techno­logies,­ print methods and brands to keep you, our customer, ahead of the competition. If you’re passionate about design, printed t-shirts, custom clothing and the clothing industry, and you’re ready to create a loyal brand for your customers to follow, then we’re going to get along perfectly.

Adopt our drop shipping model for your order fulfilment and you’ll notice two things: it’s simple, and it works. Starting a t-shirt brand might have been expensive many years ago; having to decide how many units of which designs to stock, along with the multitude of sizes and colours available, but things have changed and our drop shipping service eliminates the need for ordering unnecessary printed stock that may or may not sell.

How our drop shipping works

Drop shipping is simply having products shipped directly from supplier (us) to customer. It cuts out the need to hold stock yourself, and in the case of t-shirt drop shipping it means you can have customised products printed when they’re ordered: 

  • Your customer places an order through your store.
  • You forward it to Lofty Creations.
  • We process the order and print your products.
  • We pack and ship the order straight to your customer in plain cover. We can even include your branded wash instructions, free of charge.

It’s as easy as that! But it’s about more than simply saving money on ordering bulk runs of your products. Leaving the logistics of getting your product to your customer in our hands gives you a lot more time to concentrate on developing your brand, such as:

  • Creating a social presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
  • Marketing your products to the customers you want to reach. 
  • Updating and optimising your store or website. 
  • Creating new products and designs to attract new customers, or even upselling to existing ones. 
  • Looking for distributors and stockists to increase brand exposure.