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Our new DTG pretreatment is the newest product in our line up which is created to work perfectly with Indie Inks (available here (Please put a hyper link for the inks)).
With many years of DTG experience, testing, and research we’ve created a new pretreatment with fantastic properties to make DTG printing easier with better results.

Our pretreatment allows you to apply LESS pretreatment than other solutions on the market today and still achieve the same or better results. This will help your bottom line by increasing your profitability and number of shirts printed per litre of pretreatment.
Smoother white ink deposits resulting in brighter colors
Fewer issues with discoloration of problematic colors (Depending on mfg and manufacturing process).
Less or no ghosting of images.
Much softer feel of pretreated area
Better wash durability of DTG prints when pretreatment and inks are properly cured.

For our concentrate options, our mix ratio can be found below:
Dark & Coloured garments: 1:3 mix ratio (Concentrate: Distilled Water)
White garments: 1:9 mix ratio (Concentrate: Distilled Water)


Curing times and Temperatures for heat pressing using a Teflon sheet or Parchment paper.

  • Spray approx 22g of pretreatment evenly over your cotton T-shirt.
  • Cure under a heat press with 3x 15 second presses, or until dry, with a medium pressure at 160°c.
  • Hoodies will need approx 44g of pretreatment.
  • Other garments will need varied amounts – we recommend you test each different garment.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 35 cm


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